• mrspectacular 5w


    When I look back at this life of mine,
    My eyes run with water like the brine
    As anguish tears at me with its powerful canine
    And I am condemned to, with it, dine
    Maybe i would have been fine
    If I had, even a little bit gone over the line.

    My greatest regret is I never really lived
    In stringent rules, I so much believed
    That somehow I aborted, with my own hands, life that was in me conceived.
    Yesterday, I took stock of my life and discovered I was deceived
    Deceived into doing things, by which I am now aggrieved.

    I caged me to the extent that whatever was not done, I believed was not meant to be done.
    I stayed in the circle of rules until time had, with all of its best, gone.
    Of the extraordinary elements he came with, I got none
    Because I followed rule number one
    Never go out of this area, son!
    Hence I never left that zone
    Even when good called my phone
    I checked with the given rules etched on my heart.

    I could not find a provision for it
    So I thought it a worthless bit
    But now that I think of it, it pounds me to grit
    Because that which I called a worthless bit is now a hit.
    I forgot I had the Creator's kit
    That could make pita out of a flour pit
    But not seeing it in the rules, I quit.

    I quit it just like that
    When by now, I could have earned a pat.
    It has not been done before?
    Maybe it was waiting for someone like you to reach the shore
    So take on it.