• princevishesh 23w

    The hunt for happiness

    I spent the hours hunting,
    For what made me happy.
    With tiredness I had started panting,
    But I still could not find it.

    Maybe I was looking in the wrong place,
    Maybe I was looking for the wrong thing.
    The question then came onto me,
    What did make me happy?

    When I was a baby,
    It was the sight of my mother's smile,
    The unconditional love of my father,
    The affection of my grandparents
    And the company of my cousins

    When I was a kid,
    It was playing with my toys,
    Catching my parents' fingers with my tiny hands,
    Learning new things from my school,
    And making new friends.

    When I became a teenager,
    It was winning the small arguments with my parents,
    Becoming popular within my friend circle,
    The smile of a beautiful girl,
    And a long conversation with her.

    And now?
    What has changed since then?
    What is that which impedes my happiness?
    What is the wrong thing or place which acts as a barrier against my happiness?

    It is wealth. Do I need it to be happy, no.
    I do need it to live, yes. It is a part of my life. But is it my entire life? No.

    So whats the solution?
    Live, breathe, enjoy. You work, it will come to you. But stop thinking about it, stressing about it. Go out with your friends, tell your parents you love them, heck tell your friends that too. Most of all, tell that to yourself cause everything will work out in the end.
    With Love, Vishesh