• gurpreetknagra 23w

    #MÜM_Mawaan Thandiyaan Chawaan❤️🙇‍♀️

    No matteR how many timeS we aRgue🙇‍♀️, how many timeS i don't undeRstand you😶, & how many timeS i got scolded by you.

    I'm SoRRy foR all the bullShit i give you. 😞
    I'm SoRRy foR beiNg aNNoying😞rude,or mean to you.
    I'm SoRRy that i don't say thank you enough. But thankyou foR eveRything. Thank you foR putting up with me, thank you for being theRe foR me thRough eveRything. 🙏🏻Thank you foR always LOViN' me, and thank you foR neveR leaving my side.

    Luv you MÜM! atonn

    ©gurpreetnagra (Your Stubborn Child) 😈