• stevemaina 23w

    I'm not looking for a queen or to treat anyone like a queen. If I'm in the trenches, be by my side. If I'm on the roof patching holes, hold the ladder...or you can remind me of my distrust of ladders.

    Pass me the wrench when I'm under the sink...or I can pass you the wrench. A fellow warrior.
    Share in my hunger of knowledge. Hold your own in a battle of wits. Be my muse, and I'll sculpt our future. I'm not as naive to look for the sun and proclaim to be the moon. I'll be the brick if you'll be the mortar. I'm a loyal man and respect is a thing that comes easy to me.

    Never back down. I ask that of you. Even when against me. If there's a time when you can not trust me, trust in yourself. We may act as one, but that does not mean you no longer exist when we are apart. Let's grow. Individually and together. I ask a lot of you, but I will never lord over you and demand these things. You are who you are. I will rub off on you as you will on me