• kavipriya_moorthy 30w

    On Partying And Not

    "How many people have you slept with so far?" a friend throws a question. Because, he chose 'truth' when he was 'dared'
    7 came his reply, so prompt. Oops, no, 8. He corrected.
    It's just been a week for him to update his count, anyway.

    Passing looks and staring at her eyes, to just be sure,
    A smile, hesitation.
    A broad smile and then a giggle, both of them.
    Vodka neat in her hands and his fourth Jack Daniels on the rock,
    They both walked towards each other,

    Desperate lips and hands,
    Buttons and zips undone,
    Her throat and his tongue,
    Her hand and himself,
    Don't. Stop. OMG! YES. OH YEAH!
    Good to see you!
    Haha! Huhhh.. your name?

    She also said a number in a different party the same day, correcting it again because she also remembered she made out with someone who's name she remembers not,

    "Last time was hot, I don't quite remember his name though!" She says.

    Shallow. Nothing. Void. And, zero..

    - Kavipriya Moorthy