• quirkyesque 6w

    Addicted (Part 4)

    A lot has changed in the past months, you've finally moved in.
    This is probably the happiest that we have ever been.
    I wanna erase all my bad memories with the good ones I've made with you.
    What we have right now is just as rare as an untouched true blue.

    But something's gone off and made us distant lately.
    Wishing this is just a phase and we get over it slowly.
    I'll never forget the night when I reached home late, hoping for you to be asleep.
    Wanting to avoid a fight only to find out that I'm already in the middle of the water that runs deep.

    I can see the rage in your eyes, burning bright auburn.
    We go all out like wild fire leaving the ground burnt.
    You're a candle flame with ability to brighten me up and burn me down.
    But your love is an ecstacy making me turn right back around.

    In the spur of the moment I say some things that I'm not proud of.
    I really didn't mean it, I'm so sorry, I can't tell you enough.
    I hear the pain in your cracking voice making my armour fall down.
    I can't look you in the eye anymore, I shouldn't have said it, I should've known.

    I don't want another lifetime to make you stay.
    God forbid that I'll ever have to call you the one that got away.
    And now I'm doing damage control even though this isn't what I wanted.
    Horrified of thinking that you'll want to split paths now, leaving me haunted.

    But you take the narrative in your hands and catch me off guard.
    Your words grace my ears like leaves lying on a pretty boulevard.
    You said, " I remember how I left and you came for me all the way.
    I remember the sunset, the half lit dorm and the nights you've stayed."

    "My love for you is naked on the breeze, don't let it weather.
    I give you all of me, I'm yours to keep and yours to treasure."
    This is the birth of a new dawn after seven minutes in hell.
    This isn't your typical story of a classic kiss-and-tell.

    We set the forest ablaze but our deep roots untouched and intact.
    Giving us ground to grow and expand and build a new track.
    Baby I'll forever be your West Village and you'll be my City of New York.
    They'll never get our love of the ages cause we ran before we could walk.