• sakshiigiri 5w

    I wanted you to stay,
    Everytime you betrayed!
    I told my friends you're caring, loving and genuine,
    Whenever they said, you're cheating and I'm defending!!
    I never knew, that you were dating a few,
    Otherwise I would have stopped myself falling for you.
    I have so much of you in my heart,
    Still how can my love for you even last!!
    you weren't finding love in me but just pretending,
    You're used to it coz you had a habit of flirting!!
    for now Just go away and leave me alone,
    You have many more to love, but i had only one.
    Who wasn't mine but whom I have lost,
    bcz whatever you did to me was unfair N unjust.
    As per your words, I was the one who ruined it,
    Can i ask, were you the one who saved it?
    I fought for the love that wasn't even mine,
    I did, hard, for a long time,
    You made me feel guilty for that every then N while,
    As if I was committing a punishable crime!!
    Though you're happy and I'm pretending to be,
    Who cares if someone is crying bitterly inside me!
    My love will bear this betrayal with a smile,
    My love failed to make your life worthwhile!!