• umerbhat 6w

    Fake Lovers

    The cosmos is brimmed with spurious lovers
    They make ingenuous eyes full of tears
    They make one to feel highly special
    And hoodwink innocents like a devil
    They don't care about one's eternal adoration
    And distruggere their life's every exhilaration
    They love person's somatic attractiveness
    And leave them solus in the pitch darkness
    These beauty lemans cheat one's emotion
    And give innocents the deep affliction
    They make one to feel humongous ecstasy
    But then put their existence in great misery
    They feel ebullience in splintering one's heart
    Who considers them as their life's salient part
    Today, meriting lovers only get a hellacious pain
    Which makes their tears to glide like a rain