• thelucky 10w


    Being beautifully made,
    It is a crime.
    Walking alone on special purpose,
    Is forbidden every time.
    Because I am a lady!

    My thoughts are tested,
    Through sexual harassment.
    My body is seen,
    As object of pleasure.
    Because I am a lady.

    My movements are restricted,
    Because I am not safe.
    Yes! In the lands of my forefathers,
    Not even safe in the house of God.
    Because I am a lady.

    I wear hijab or niqaab,
    They say I am not holy.
    I wear skirt or trouser.
    They say, I am a prostitute.
    Because I am a lady.

    From birth till now,
    I have always been a device of assault.
    I have long been confined,
    Even before these pandemic situations.
    They rape me: physically and spiritually, the beasts.

    I am now in thrust,
    Where I trust no one.
    Hmm! To love, I find it hard.
    Because no one knows me within.
    Oh! I have been raped, mentally.

    Because I am a lady,
    Nobody tries to listen to me.
    Ah! I am always at fault, they say.
    A crime to be a lady ?
    The world is really unjust!

    I must not dress!
    I must not talk!
    I must not dance!
    I must not read!
    Because I am a lady!

    I am pained!
    The God in me had been raped.
    My belief is in doubt,
    For I have always been tortured!
    Hard to see, a revolutional saviour!

    Hmm! I still believe,
    That the beasts shall be punished.
    But, when will that be ?
    It seem it's getting too late.
    My curses are on them all.

    ┬ęG.A.M (TheLucky)