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    "I see your reflection on the moon
    I use to gaze at her when I miss you"
    That voice of yours still echoes in my ears....

    You were my first but I was not your last
    You promised me eternal love
    I promised "I'll never promise"

    You left me all of a sudden
    I cried on solitude's lap
    To keep me warm in her cuddle

    You came back to me
    And said, " Do you still love me?"
    We got patched up soon

    Love blossomed gradually
    Secrets became unveiled suddenly
    I bid you goodbye with a smile...


    When the moon blooms in the night's garden
    When the stars dance in the dark's ocean
    Do you miss me giving you lovely hugs when you feel alone, when you feel scared?
    Do you miss me being by your side when the world turns against you?

    When the earth becomes thirstful
    When dullness conquers her effervescence
    The Overcast sky makes her rejuvenated
    Do you miss me showering you with rays of hope when your near ones cut your wings?
    Do you miss me holding your hand, shielding all the negativities from your dear ones?

    I missed you my love
    But I miss you not darling
    I have got a long way to go
    I cannot wait for you anymore
    I have a big role to be played here
    I can't be lost in your thoughts again
    My family loves me more, they love me
    The world is waiting for me to shine
    The night is waiting for me to date
    With his charming son,the Moon
    To give rise to poetries of love
    That will become a souvenir
    In the history of the world

    I love you still darling
    But I desire you not anymore
    Pardon me please! I left you last time
    Sorry my love, I could not bear your lies
    I could not endure your flirtatious attitude
    Most importantly, I found the true man
    Man of a kind which I really admire
    The real protagonist arrives......

    Do you still miss me darling?
    With this question, I'm closing your chapter here
    I know not when will I open this again
    To employ it in a better way!!

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    Deep inside the crust
    I have buried down
    The shattered pages of life

    The only thing I still preserve
    Is my "smile"
    But of a different style

    Do you still miss me darling?