• himshikha 10w


    She has some bitter experiences,
    She keeps them burying inside the soul,
    Because of some phycopaths,
    She had to suffer from very bad times!
    No, she can't share them with anyone else,
    She can't, coz no one is trustworthy now a days.
    Now she only has a frightened girl left inside,
    She's afraid of people,
    She's afraid of everything around her!
    Her happiness died long ago,
    Now the only thing she has is 'fear'
    Still, she doesn't show it to others.
    Can you imagine a girl,
    Who is afraid of happiness?
    Is afraid the people around her?
    Can never trust anyone?
    Yup, you got her right.
    She's a deadbody having breaths and heartbeats!
    Those secrets murdered her,
    Coz she couldn't reveal them in this society,
    She knew that people gonna blame her only,
    But not the bloody rapists(???)