• rebelpjones 12w


    Please help me!
    I'm reaching in
    as deep as I can
    to stay afloat,
    Please help me!
    I'm reaching as far
    into the celestials as I can,
    I've run out of ideas,
    and I'm asking for a hand,
    Please help me!
    I can only do so much,
    for I am just a man,
    These feelings inside,
    I thought I had it all figured out,
    How wrong I was,
    Please tell me how wrong was I.
    Off base with my faith,
    still lurking in shadows,
    Still keeping one foot in the dark
    unknown waiting for knowledge,
    You tell me fear not,
    The rebel in you got this.
    This voice inside,
    it seems has such
    incredible power!
    Its overwhelming at times,
    And at times I feel
    completely devoured,
    And overpowered!
    What does it all mean?
    And why is it I get stuck
    in the realms of
    thinking such things?