• the_mayowa 11w


    I had the world's opulence but
    none of the emotions locked

    The scarred books with tears and gore as
    they held my woes in words

    My soul in a maze whilst
    being free

    Doleful I've been with
    lesser letters to express it

    The liquor made me numb but
    did little help

    The hash lost me in itself
    and the sooth residued in my lungs

    My heart throbbed with pauses
    between each of its beat

    It quickened my end, bitterly

    The gimmicks turned bitter and foul
    like rotten salads

    The tears turned dry and
    the eyes stayed red.

    The streets lingered with
    death close by

    Days went by and
    I fretted of existing

    I grew weary of peace and comfort
    and that love I feel over again

    Still, I yearned for the sorry I never got.