• the_wren 10w

    Isn't it?

    Isn't it funny that after your break up, all of a sudden people around you come to you just to say bad things about him/her. I understand that they wanted to comfort you but thats their foolish move. Even if you get cheated on, your heart is never ready to listen bad things about them because he/she was the person who listen to you in hard time. He/she was there when you needed someone the most. When you were feeling low he/she was there everytime to help you.

    Yes, they left you all empty .But you cannot ignore the fact that every moment with them was very much precious than those emptiness. No matter what, it happened for good for both of you. So, just held your head high and have faith in yourself. Later on, again you will be happy together with the one who loves you like you do to them with consistency from the beginning to the end of life.