• atthebackofmymind 31w

    It's safer, easier and more convenient but what if the one meant for you is outside the boundaries you normally exists in?
    Sure I crave the usual physical intimacy but I also need so much more than that. To have someone gravitate towards you even before they get to touch your skin is fascinating to me. Like they must have felt or seen something beyond what is tangible or superficial.
    No one can really tell you what is real or is not real. What matters is what you feel and what you believe in. It may or may not work but what is important is you put yourself out there. There are no absolute certainty in life even in love. Its full of uncertainties but also possibilities. More than anything I want to embrace the possibilities. Whether you burn the bridge or build that bridge to get to the other side to be with that someone. No matter how it ends, there is always a lesson to be learned.
    ©j.s. fabregas// beyond boundaries

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