• lay_marine 10w

    Realized (part 9.1)

    I sat in the swing on the children's park near our subdivision. I've been here for about two hours now but he still haven't showed up yet. This park is our special place since we were just a child. We celebrated our birthdays here and it eventually became our tradition that when both of us are celebrating our birthday, we will meet and celebrate it here, in the park. But that stopped two years ago. When everything changed between the both of us.
    He wont show up. I know it. Maybe I was just hoping that we can go back to our old ways. I looked down at the wrapped container I was holding for hours now. This was supposed to be his birthday gift. I opened the container and saw the blueberry cheesecake I baked yesterday. It took me a lot of tries before I perfected the texture. As I stared at the cake, the memory of what I saw earlier entered my mind. It was a painful memory. Another painful memory.