• yiloodyuo 6w


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    Unexpected love

    It's not only our conversation
    Which keep me happy or entertained
    But rather it's the way,I feel for you
    Which always keep me sustained.

    The gleam of your eyes
    And your charming smile
    And all the little things
    Which keep me alive and brighten my day

    I don't have any idea
    That things will change in this way
    Unless your words started portraying a soul
    You are a lucky charm for me

    My beautiful sunshine who always keep shinning my life
    Which i never expect to encounter a person like u
    But everything change as it goes on
    In the end you turn out to be the gem of my life

    I always take a look up, thank God and rejoice
    Because the truth is, i know i made a right choice
    And you are not just something
    But everything to me
    Who always keep shining the brightest in my life.