• touring_words11 5w

    From one simple word
    Our conversation began.
    Don't know much about each other
    But, still we moved on.
    In beginning,
    Was some jealousy
    Which died, because of trust.
    Smooth relationships,
    Haven't existed in any era.
    So was ours.
    Making few moments
    To enjoy pain.
    But, life itself is a mystery.
    & fate itself a charm.

    They both played together,
    To make our relationship
    There was time,
    When she needed help.
    There was time,
    When I needed it too.
    And, we both defended
    Each other.
    Our friendship grew stronger.
    Now, we have completed
    5 years of friendship.
    And ;)
    Want this friendship
    To last life time.