• mahzbeen 10w


    I'm learning to look at my love like a home - the dream house that I wanted and I would work towards.
    I'm learning that it needs maintaining. That long after I think I have given it everything I had to - after I have invested what everyone thinks is all it takes - my home needs more. It asks.
    And I find I have the means to give.
    I'm learning that it's okay to be tired and turn away from the damage tonight.
    I'm learning that I cannot throw a fit at every leak and peeling wall. I'm learning to find the buckets and wipe the falling dust to make it...
    Make it till I find the resources to make the repair.
    I'm learning that I can't just walk away. Not because I gave it my all, but because I have more to give.
    I have dreamed not only of the house and making it a home but I have dreamed of how my life within its walls and coming from it will be.
    That is what my love is...
    More a part of me than just a part of my life.
    Making me just as much as I make of it.
    And that's how I am looking at it...
    Like a home that keeps me warm and happy and gives me just as much as it takes.
    And take it will. Because it knows what I can give and my home deserves the best, because my home keeps me.