• rishav123 5w

    A Daughter

    She is your daughter
    Don't tie her to the norms
    Let her Fly
    She will be the Angel of your home.
    Let her Learn
    She will be the pillar of education.
    Let her Dance
    She will be the next Shakira
    Let her grow
    She will be the first to nurture.
    Let her sing
    She will be your nightangle.
    Let her live
    Don't keep her confined
    Let her see the world from her perspective
    Let her discover something
    Let her be someone
    Why she should be the one to rely?
    Why she should be the one to sacrifice?
    Why she should be the one to get beaten?
    She is your Girl
    She deserves respect.
    Her place should always be in your heart
    Not in the kitchen washing dish.