• himanshusisodiya 6w

    Happiness is a myth they say?
    What make us happy ?

    Do you know what make you happy?
    Ever thought about what make you happy?
    Is it particular person or family or something tasty or a place !
    What ever it is! It's what make you happy

    Secret of happiness is not a Victoria Secret
    It's just one simple thing !
    Believe me you are the reason you are happy !

    Happy with the things you have!
    People around you just play enough role!
    Like catalyst play in reaction
    People , places, food are mere reflection of the things !
    They play enough role but are just important as those things in your life

    So, Stay happy !
    Don't worry if friend or crush or your best friend left you!
    Maybe there is more than meets the eye !
    Because your happiness is eternal,
    Rather than based upon a thing !