• gopikaameera 21w

    Musings on the half-lit lawns

    Half-lit, identical lawns,
    one on each side of the gravelled path,
    forming half- globes,
    with no oceans though.

    Half-lit lawns,
    With ankle length grass tips
    Grazing on my skirt-rim
    As I walk on, bewitched,
    By the shadows playing haunting piano notes.

    Half-lit lawns
    Perfect to hold imaginary tea parties in.
    Shadows of the bordering trees,
    Resting heads on the green moss carpet,
    Perfect backdrop to conjure up the people
    you dare not otherwise recall,
    Or miss- like the morning walk
    When tied to a musty prison door.

    Half-lit lawns
    Half-baked cookies
    Half-creased face
    Of their portrait we made
    And propped against
    The charcoal-lined, incense filled,half-forgotten dream house
    We made
    With the broken vows.

    Whose words
    We keep in flower vases,
    On the mantelpiece
    And pour water religiously,
    On our way in and way out
    Of the room deep down our conscious self , locked and bolted and opened just enough, only when sleep comes knocking at the door.

    Water enough to keep the words from wilting,
    And the petals from drying up
    And blown to far shores
    By Time's untimely cyclone
    To never-to-see-'gain lands,
    And to no more teaparties
    In Half-lit lawns.