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    In a room
    When alone
    Maybe you'll write again.
    Recalling us, kissing
    On my kitchen table
    Trying to hold the feeble-
    Feelings that prove overpowering.

    Midnights that you spend
    Missing my bosom
    Might revive
    The dying poet in you.
    The mornings after,
    Send me a letter or two.

    Blushy cheeks of them
    Young couples on vacant streets
    Would remind you
    My favourite flowers-
    And maybe you'll write.
    About me
    And roses too.

    The day you do
    Write again,
    If you fall short of words
    I'll rip pieces of my memories
    And hand them to you.
    Do not refrain.
    I'll save smiles
    To smile after you've read to me
    Your poetry.
    I'll save
    For you'll write again.

    What has stopped you from writing?
    Write about the joy of writing n tag me so i can read❤️��

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