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    Ek chota story of my crush
    Part - 8

    The last day chat was running again and again in my mind......
    So I thought of continuing it the very next day too ,
    Me : had tea??
    (No reply from that side .She is online , message got delivered but no reply.... Waited for about 20 minutes . Though she was online for all those 20 minutes , I didn't get any reply!!)
    Me : What's up??
    Busy ha??
    (Again same thing.... No reply!! I didn't went to text her further.... Waited till the afternoon. And again...)
    Me : Had lunch??
    What Special??
    (No reply....I thought , she kept her phone on , but isn't opening any messages!!!But the screen is showing her online , it means she must be online here too!! Ugh.... Even just within a minute , she posted one of her pic in her status!! But no reply for my messages....
    Then I thought of calling her.... But mind said NO!! What if she blocks then?? So didn't made any attempt for calling her!!!
    But as a last try , I texted her saying...)
    Me : Hey one help....!!
    (Ugh!! No!! No reply for about half an hour!!
    Ahaan!! Now all text got seen and I saw her 'typing')
    She : Don't text me further , please!!!
    (Oyy... what's wrong with her , all of a sudden....
    Arrey!! Even her profile pic got disappeared!! Did she block me???
    Should I call her??...
    No , I want to know what's wrong with her)
    Me : May I get to know the reason....
    Did I commit any mistake.....???
    Please tell me the reason , then I'll won't text you further
    (I was unable to pass a day without texting her , but still...!!
    No reply again!!
    Message not even got delivered!! No Last seen !!what next !!??
    Don't know what's going on in her mind....)

    Is she alright?? Why is she acting like this?? What's going to happen next?? Should I call her directly???
    Through all the ways, questions are running in the mind..... Yesterday's text made me sit upon the seventh sky....
    But today!!!
    May be sleepless night....

    To be continued....