• nurulainmohd 5w

    Sometimes you're just tired. Too tired of what's happening in your life.

    Sometimes giving up felt like the best choice. How long you gonna fight? How long can you be strong?

    Sometimes the one who seems to be the strongest one is actually the one who is falling inside.

    Sometimes running far away is what you wanted to do. But then you remember all the things which pull you down back. And you're stuck. Stuck there as you always are.

    Sometimes tears betrayed you. It just not coming out no matter how much pain you're in. It's just not.

    Sometimes all you want to do is sleep, and as usual your thoughts are as chaos as the aftermath of the bushfires.

    Sometimes, you still see a light at the end of the tunnel. A lil bit of hope. You breathe. You are living. You are here today. And that's what matters.