• angeljohn 5w

    Aliens are we, towards our own expressions?

    Silence, isn't an universal response..
    Silence, exhibits your own reluctance..
    Silence, should indulge within,
    securing peace, to be a breathing being..
    Why witness the world, with a tight lip?
    Why grow, alienated to one's own emotional dip?
    Express, not to impress,
    only to familiarise with the world real that steal,
    even the very last drop of your emotional essence..
    They steal and showcase royal possesions,
    once owned by us, now their's..
    They never created it,
    We did but we hide it from this robbing world..
    They came closer and raided our dreams and
    extracted your impressions, mild and deep..
    The world will judge and make you indulge,
    in actions those define your future..
    So, do nurture an attitude, that shields you..
    Don't compromise, with your own expressions,
    for the sake of this judgmental institution..
    Question yourself-
    "Aliens are we, towards our own expressions?"