• summer_shade 9w

    A working woman

    Every Sunday other people take rest
    Read their favorite book
    Relax whole day on sofa
    Or watch the Netflix
    But My Sunday activity is not relaxing or chilling
    It's doing more work than rest week
    (It's about literally labouring whole day)
    I've to do the laundry
    Set the cupboards and home
    Plus Sunday special cooking
    Ready everything needed for whole week
    (And lot more)
    That's why when people wish
    Me a happy Sunday
    I really want from inside to
    Yell at them
    Hence, I control there can't yell directly
    At their face because they believe that I'm nice
    And I don't want their belief to prove wrong
    Here I'm pouring my frustration,

    Now that I'm writing this... washing machine beeps
    Are calling me to come with it's annoying sound.

    (From the heart of all working women)