• closetwriter 47w

    Misinterpretation: she was a devil behind that sweet smile.

    Misinterpretation of you
    Hiding the truth behind the lies,
    I didn't figure it out.
    I took everything in my stock thinking you'd take one but all you took was my run leaving me with none, what a bun?
    Get me a gun, make it a shotgun.
    Reload, Lock it up and watch me go,
    bang on you.
    Shootout the devil in you,
    Exorcise the devil in you,
    Or are you the devil himself?
    Damn! What a twist?
    Let me make this shit crisp
    Fuck this shit!
    I'm a logical beast with a mind of a freak on leash, good enough to shatter you into bits.
    Don't try me bitch!
    I know your deeds, I know your wits,
    Why don't you just jump off the cliff, of your insanity and clear the path for some sanity and have some clarity for the little dignity that I hope is left behind that face of inhumanity, can you give some surety?
    Why don't you get this shit straight?
    You trait has been exposed like a thread under the bed.
    Waiting to be chopped down by a samurai sword, damn your blob.

    Wait! Let me not go so easy on you.
    Need to teach you a lesson or two.
    Make you understand with whom not to fuck with and be a disgrace to your existence like a dimwit.
    Yeah! I was in love, damn son
    Yeah! I was in mud, damp dirt
    Yeah! I was in rush, rush to make you blush in a gust. Damn what?

    It all started with a little curve in your face that could kill millions at a place, made Hitler look like a joke.
    Even he will be scared of your stroke.
    He might turn upside down in his grave and dug up another 6 feet below down his grave, scared of your wrath.
    You are no less than a witch, maybe worst than the witch. Doesn't it itch?

    Tell me the taste of my soul that you devoured as your meal and my feelings like a starter straight outta 4 seasons buffet meal.
    But sorry! Dessert was not on the deal cause I found someone who sealed the deal and deserves some real meal.