• kcdeprave 6w


    The more I love you
    The more I fight for us
    The more I lose me

    I can't fix everything
    And make all your broken pieces fit again
    But I can take some of mine
    Though different and damaged
    Not fitting quite right
    Make sure you can't feel that void

    It's not perfect
    But it heals
    You won't hardly tell

    The pieces I broke of you
    Still sealed inside the surface

    I don't have many pieces left
    Some got left behind
    Most got destroyed
    But I picked some up too

    I'd rather be less of me
    Already missing much
    For you to be more you
    Still amazing and bold

    And keep my little secret
    No matter who caused the damage
    I hurt for you too
    But don't ever think
    I wouldn't use the last piece of me
    As an extra one for you