• remmaforever 10w

    I can't breathe

    I can't breathe,
    I can feel his hot breath on me,
    His hands are roaming once more,
    I'm trying to scream,
    But I can't anymore,
    His hand is around my throat,
    I'm gasping for breath,

    His hands roam lower and I struggle with all my might,
    His steel toed boots are in my side,
    I'm crying and wheezing,
    For he let go of my throat,
    My eyes are turning red,
    I'm crying once again,

    I can't breathe anymore,
    My hands are clawing my throat,
    Trying to breathe,
    I'm scared,
    I cant breathe,

    I'm kicked in the chest,
    And forced to take a harsh breath,
    I'm breathing to fast,
    My head feels dizzy,
    He steps on my hand,
    I cry out in pain,

    My vision blurs,
    Black dots appear,
    Darkness envelopes me,
    And takes me away from the fear.