• unsaid_ 10w

    Some people step into our life when we are all disburbed, the time when we had forgotten who we really are, so they become our mirror and show us the true image.

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    Something similar happened to me,
    When my mind was messed and my heart was empty.
    God sent someone to clean that mess,
    Rescue me from my negative world and release my stress.

    He came like a gardner in my abandoned land,
    Planted four leaf cloves all over the wrecked sand.
    He brought spring in my uprooted life,
    Became my shield against all the rife.

    He built walls between my miseries and me,
    Unlocked my chains to set me free.
    He calmed me and my trepidation too,
    Pulled me from perplexity i was stuck into.

    Yes he is my best friend,
    On whom all my happiness depends.
    I dont need a personal diary beside,
    Because he is the one with whom all my feelings reside.