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    The lesson I have learned

    I came to this world
    As a nobody
    Like literally no-one.
    Like some one jumped from the sky.
    Crying was the first thing I have learned.
    Then, after a long break
    Knowledge came to me so swiftly
    I was scared
    Then I realized that
    I have just joined the school.
    Learning things was so much fun;
    Atleast for a brief moment of time.
    Too much learning can lead us to the thought of ending our life.
    Then college,
    "More knowledge"
    This is where I learned
    All I have been learning
    Was not for my own good,
    I came to know
    That I was just a raw material
    Of a product
    That is manufactured by the school
    Labeled by the college
    And sold to companies
    Where I will serve, serve, serve, like a slave, till the end of my life.

    I mean, "what the ffff is this???"