• greatone 5w

    Just had this in mind and decided to share, 'cause I know there are alot of people like me out there. Love yo self �� #thoughts

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    Not all of us are lucky when it comes to love.
    It seems easy, right?
    I mean, I love my parents.
    My siblings.
    My entirely family and friends.
    That is supposed to be love, at least, that's what I had believed for a long time.
    But then I realized, that's not all it is to love.
    Like, what is so hard in loving someone that is not my family.
    Love is love, right?
    If you think about it, it doesn't really matter.
    Yes, people need that type of love to survive.
    But, to be honest, you can't really learn or know how to love someone if you don't yourself.
    You can't appreciate someone, if you don't appreciate yourself.
    You can go back in time to figure out what went wrong.
    If you were hexed.
    If its generational.
    All these will come to a hault if you've learnt to accept yourself for who you truly are.
    Nobody on this earth can love you like you.
    If you love yourself, you won't spend a lifetime asking yourself why someone could love you.
    You're amazing!
    I mean, spectacular!
    Like, if only you knew how awesome you are.
    God really did a good job there
    Never see yourself as too small.
    Just breathe... You've got this‚̧