• raghavendran 9w

    Impatient Bird and the Patient Cat

    Impatient Bird and the Patient Cat
    (A poem for children)

    Cute and jovial birds were they,
    It’s what their parents did say,
    With flying wings yet to grow,
    They just hopped to and fro;

    The mother would fly in and out,
    With a tiny worm or a tiny trout
    To feed each hungry one
    Resting on the soft padded down;

    The youngest one said to his mom,
    “Will I come to serious harm
    If I fly out with you
    For a minute or two?”

    Mummy bird smiled a bit
    At the child without wit,
    “You’ve no wings to fly,
    If you try, you’ll only die;

    Wait for some more days,
    Pay heed to what Mommy says,
    I’ll teach you how to fly,
    Till then, don’t ever try”;

    He saw his neighbour sparrow fly,
    But he was forbidden to fly,
    He looked at himself in sorrow
    While the sparrow flew like an arrow;

    Few more days went by,
    And one day he let out a cry
    For he saw some feathery growth,
    Soon he called Mom and Dad both;

    “Look, I’ve wings now to fly,
    Will you let me try?”

    “Patience, patience, cried the mother,
    Wait and we’ll soon fly together,
    Wings haven’t grown full length
    And you still lack strength”;

    A proud and injured cat
    Under the very tall tree sat,
    He was hungry and hurt in the leg,
    But was too proud to beg;

    Sitting under the tree, he heard
    Every word spoken by the bird,
    He was a cat with a shrewd mind
    And had experience of every kind;

    He suspected the young bird’s wit
    And if he continued to sit,
    He might get some nice food,
    Thus convinced, under the tree he stood;

    Soon he saw the Mom and Dad fly
    And heard the youngest one’s joyful cry,
    He heard voices in the nest
    Of the youngest one and the rest;

    The rebellious bird got up to fly
    Fluttering his wings with a war cry,
    In a fleeting second he took off
    Reaching a height of a foot and a half;

    But strength and hope failing,
    Down he came sailing,
    And fell with a thud
    Before the cat in the mud;

    Mom’s words rang in his ear
    And pricked him like a spear,
    He spurned the advice of his mummy,
    And so ended in the cat’s tummy.

    Raghav R