• christiii 6w


    Dear Mahii,
    I prayed that one particular day should never pop out in my life..
    But everything has a closure they said !
    Yes... It was August 15th 2020..
    Earlier people would have remember this as Independence day..
    Now it's not the same anymore..
    The day when our most favourite player, the inspiration of many announced his retirement..
    Their comes a void which cannot be filled..
    You gave me best days.. you made me smile..
    What made to raise the eyebrows was your Helicopter shot..
    Your extraordinary leadership skills..
    Your patience.. the way you share your knowledge with young cricketers..
    What not ???
    Cricket will not be the same for me MAHI..
    My happiness has ended..
    But.. you ll forever remain as my CAPTAIN !
    Love you 3000 !