• abhayrao 6w

    Changing words

    There are so many words we purposely use wrongly. Demonstrators act out on the street, for example. No they do not act out, they react! An act is an action taken, to react, is in response to an action taken!! Follow the rules, don't be a rebel. No please don't blindly follow anything, it only makes you a sheep, understand the rules, question those that don't seem fair, update those that need to be amended, and it's okay to be a rebel! We are all equal, no we are not, and the only way we ever might be is if we first accept that we aren't! Divisions based on every social, religious, economic, political and cultural choice exists, but as a species we hope to one day all be seen as equal. I know they are just words, phrases, sentences, and like these, there are many more such examples. However the words we read, speak, repeat, do matter, and while social changes are hard fought to make happen, maybe we can start small, by using words and phrases that reflect our reality, or at the very least, stop using those that build biases, restrict our views and get so deeply engrained into society, that we forget the essence of our humanity, our questioning and ever seeking curiosity and most of all, our reasons to be...