• _adun_ 5w

    A letter to my dad
    To the best dad in the world and a great man, thank you for molding me to be the person that I am today; my morals, character and everything you've done. Words will fail me if I begin to narrate all you've done and all the sacrifices you've made for this princess. I still cry sometimes even in my heart, but I'm happy because you're in a better place and I laugh at the memories and best moments.
    It's been 12 years since I last saw you, spoke to you, touched your hand, hugged or just laugh with you. I miss you! I really do, I miss the sound of your voice, your footsteps with those shiny black shoes and how you call me.
    Thank you daddy for everything, I want you to know you're still KING and can't be replaced by anyone. Your name still rings in my head and your love will forever be in my heart. Keep resting in the Lord, Engr. Steven Oluwasegun Oyedeji.