• aheshu 91w

    Peace be with you.

    Reality is harsh.

    Oftentimes, your life feels meaningless.
    Your passion feels ordinary. Your dreams carry expiry dates. The love of your life marries someone else. You realize you've lost loved ones. You find out that less deserving people have made it big.

    You find out time has crept by stealthily, leaving you gasping for breath as the seconds turned to hours and hours to days and days to years; and suddenly Life slaps you in the face. Hard. Hard enough to make you look back.

    And look back you do. With teary eyes you look back. The mist fogs your vision, addles your memories. The pain of the present makes the past feel like a happy burst of life & love & flowers & aromas.

    It guts some. It is okay to cry.

    It frees others. It is okay to rejoice.