• champagnesupernova 6w

    a burning bridge.

    how else to
    counter our aloneness
    than to find someone
    to be alone with.

    occasionally my mind
    wanders to thoughts
    of you,
    strange woman,
    now sleeping in
    a foreign town.

    i realise that you were
    like the river that was
    here yesterday and today,
    but the parts of you
    i caressed
    have now hastened
    away to a new

    i am glad for
    you, though when i
    think about what i
    shall say to you
    if we accidentally share
    presence someday,
    i cannot think of words,
    but to clench you close to
    me, i think,
    would be imminently

    it would be some
    peace to know
    that you're glad
    for me
    as well, and that
    you share some
    level of this