• kamen1 5w

    On the Sea

    Admist a raging sea
    Harsh waters tread against a ghastly ship
    The aroma of salt overwhelming
    Crewmen scattered aboard
    Swabbing the deck of mass hysteria
    Onlookers of the vast ocean
    Watching dark clouds bellowing in
    Lightning striking the electrified waters
    Crewmembers working against the incoming storm
    The wind howls and the thunder roars
    While the ship is being tarnished against the high water
    All hands on deck for the occasion
    Crewmen lower the sails for stability
    Slipping and swaying as the rain comes down
    Fighting to see another day
    The storm stops and the clouds cease
    A setting sun is awaiting the sailors arrival
    As they continue their journy across the horizon