• spirithost 9w

    ~:ķŇØ₩ıņg ţhĪŠ

    Everyone has their own perceptions. 
    Everyone has their own intellectual speed.
    Everybody has their own given tolerance.
    Everybody has developed their own way of dealing with a thing. Everyone has their own intellectual stimuli. Everyone finds their own individual piece.
     Everyone has their own everything.
     Everybody has their own individual fingerprint. Everyone with their own way of understanding sh*t.  
    Everybody has their own terms of ownership. Everybody describes it differently. Everyone has their own reality, and destiny. Everyone has their own way of knowing this.
     Everybody has their own way of showing what they feel.  Everyone has their own way of feeling what they feel.  And that, .. in all isn't  bad or wrong.  But,
    everyone has their own way of interpreting all that you have read, or said, or heard.  Everyone  has there own way of hearing what I have just said.  Instead,  
    everyone has their own way of thinking.
    And those are yes, good. But there are those which are yes, bad.
     everybody has their own story. Everyone has their own eyes through which to see. Everybody has a part in this story. Everybody has a scene to play out. Some are in their own bondage, some are ever so free.
        Everybody will form an opinion,  yes, even of me. Some being private. some outspoken as can be. But the story plays on, and the music made much louder than before.    
    Time has a funny way of  indiscreet exposure.
    The changing catalyst depicted by its silent procession. Everyone of us, has our own protected possession. And no, 
    ....that isnt even all that bad. Neither is it at all wrong.   That is, but all,  too fair.   
        I am aware of time, current of its movement.
     For, it is even as the sphere that rolls in the pen, of the writers hand. 
    Can you hear clearly, between the curvy lines?
    Everybody has there own perception, even you ,
    Looking down on me.~