• aishwarya1604 22w


    Press conference, with a healer
    "what's past secret of your ride?"
    "Past been always a feeder!"
    Lips widened to the side.

    Rapid flash of memories on her mind,
    Like sphere rotate around the sun
    One scolded her for being so kind
    "never affect urself if anyone run"

    Dreamy the nights, delighting the days,
    Saw corners of city, with two tier ride,
    Not empty, ate more on way with plays
    Protected her , open laces the one tied.

    Promised her, never to forget
    She promised never to let the one go,
    Happy they both,every day they met,
    Alas! Academics seperates them and so

    Walks seperated , got lost away
    'Sunday' a happy merge light
    Less trust, misread sway,
    Both depress, wish for sight

    "Mam! Where did u lost?"
    "Tell us about your life"
    She drinks water with little frost
    Points and says"there comes my life "

    One smiles and enters the hall
    Many flashes, for camera click
    she glazes up ,one being tall
    Hold hands ,with sudden flick

    Minds reflashed, with a wide grin,
    "we did it"heart shout and dance,
    Passed all noise and the din,
    Pleasant they, for a extra chance

    Walks out, and one say
    "be there like air, I swear"
    Always, without any hay
    Marched until the last air!!!