• ashleycole 6w

    We are born to be broken down and recreated in the choosing of our own image, but it's what you do with that choice that matters.

    As a Creative Writer, I have shared the tragedy that has been written into my own story in the most rawest of forms, in the hope to convince my readers that they do not walk alone.

    Sharing the painful path that I crawled through on hands and knees in hopes to inspire creators to create, lovers to love, outrage cried out and turned to passion, gratitude in the gift of tomorrow, and sorrow to fade with time just as the ink of our story fades into the torn pages we are read from.

    We are all a tale of misfortunes, grief, joy, loss, understanding, and happiness, but we mustn't give in to our demons and close our book; we must learn to rewrite the agony, to ensure a timely arrival at our happily ever after.

    ©Creating Ashley Cole;