• fauxcroft 50w

    Tortured love

    The thorns of love

    She shared with him

    Pierced her skin deep

    Inflamed the heart

    And infected the soul

    Grew like a virus

    Taking hold of her

    Drawing her down

    It felt like torture.

    That's what he did

    I am not sure that he cared

    For he never laid his heart bare

    He protected it behind

    Control and manipulation

    That he used on her

    And though he could see

    The damaged he caused

    He still kept on breaking

    Her into pieces bit by bit each day

    Because the feeling of power he got

    Boosted his ego in so many ways.

    This is not love this is torture

    This is not love it's just wrong

    She needs to break away

    And remove all the thorns

    Then leave him on his own to play

    With his own little mind games

    Because no one deserves to be treated this way.