• ayushimartolia 4w

    Yesterday as I was listening to Memories by Maroon 5, I went down to a lane of memories I thought I have left behind long ago. The days when I laughed with my friends till our stomachs ached, all the tears we cried for each other, and the list is endless. Now we've drifted so apart, we don't talk anymore like before. I wish I could relive those moments because I didn't knew things would change so much. I thought in my silly heart that these moments would last forever. I know that people come, people go but I guess I don't wanna move on so fast. To be honest I want everything back, the way it was. I know it is impossible but I just can't let go off them. I hope I realise it soon that things won't return to the way they were. I hope I realise that I'm better off like this, without them. Till then, I'll let myself miss them as much as I want and I hope that some day I'll be free from them.

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    Some day I'll be free from them.