• miss_mystery_ 11w

    I often wonder, how beautiful the sky looks!!
    With those stars and the moon
    They say,"every good thing comes with a price"
    And I wonder,what the sky must have paid
    To keep it self bright and shining in day and night

    Looking at the drops of rain
    And the way it soothes the earth's thirst
    Time and again,I wonder
    What price the earth must have paid
    To sip the rain into it
    The price must be big enough

    River heals my soul and re-establishes
    My belief in love, everytime I watch her flowing
    For his ocean faster than before
    And It made me curious to know
    What price she must have paid to
    Meet her lover

    The flowers in my garden
    Look so beautiful and alluring
    But it always made me think
    The price that the tree must have paid
    For it's bloom of one day is little too much to take

    When I see someone smile from their heart
    I wonder how many sacrifices that person
    Must have done to smile like this in a world
    where every small thing comes with a price

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    In this world everything comes with a price tag