• sofikalai 9w

    Do we ever look?

    With the scorching heat blazing through,
    A full sleeved gear up my forearms,
    Towards town, I rode on.
    Underneath all that gear, an enigma, I had become.
    But at the premises, beyond those iron gates,
    A creature with its wagging tail stood,
    Oblivious to the heat or the rising pandemic.
    Short stature with bowed legs,
    Looked at me with intent eyes.
    Her tiny bones, in a jiffy I could count,
    Scampered around, longing for food.
    Disastrously monstrous she appeared,
    Yet her tiny eyes glinted,
    Like the glint of the cross on my barren neck.
    Soon I would be gone,
    While at first light of dawn tomorrow,
    Her intent eyes and her attentive ears,
    To those gates, they would keep drifting back and forth,
    For a fully geared up me to arrive,
    Rather I would be gone,
    With a guilt stricken heart,
    Failing miserably to revive her strength.
    Do we ever look?
    - Sophiya Kalaimaran