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    A woman's vaginal birth after taking her from breastfeeding your hunger,thirst switch the groom put a call are the same from these two in more of the wanting keeps,
    If it is hunger, in is not successful
    So similar in wanting the wrong ways to execute gives
    Rape and then murder
    Birth parents do this with Why do
    You that milk the dignity of the laid
    You that the price of milk why not explain
    You Male be that the price of milk and that pain why not recognized
    You have to create the moment which is a pain that pain of what paid the price
    What you for nine month in your pregnancy, ranging hither and thither linger does go to his importance

    If you have all these debts of rape and murder as is repaid
    So you men deserve to be called not
    Thee must die ,the right to live is not close to you
    When you with this event occur then thee hurts
    When it with another event occur is then for thee to enjoy

    When your pour ,with no wrong speaks thee discomfort occurs.
    And when others mom ,pour you're on the wrong monitors when the others, the mother of the sister from the front elapsed then you say Wow what is the matter how beautiful once find
    Thee, so long as the appetite is so you your mother, sister Why can not speak she is also so beautiful
    This thing I know you will not speak, because she is your mother, sister, then hear everyone's mother sister is the same
    Wow Ray Guy thee what to say
    Who gave birth she was a mother who tied a rakhi he had a sister the same so everyday eaten now you million trying on a path not be able to find the day difference from the soul thy for which the Dua that women from the mouth of he wore that day Thou will be struck

    Wow Ray Guy to do thy say
    Thou hast at home is not so ferries you direct the cremation of the

    Then thou shalt see men be called is not worth you living have no right
    All of my appeal is the mother of , Sister's is the same, every man as much as his mother, sister, respect is equally others, the mother of Sister honour he is even so someone's mother sister will be
    Hanuman Dhaka

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    A woman's vaginal birth after taking her from