• archangel24 10w

    Heart turns cold fighting against all odds even if that means to stand alone.
    Fear makes us feeble they say but not all quit. In turn it becomes a part of our life we consider as a companion.
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    Those haunting memories keep scrambling apart
    As I stood weaving them close to heart
    For all those days with wild storm
    Rarely desired for a soft breeze
    Days when dark hits hard than a thunder
    Silence is a friend that stabs in the back
    Staring at the dawn through my window pane
    All the worries seems to fade
    I felt the calm in my perspiring heart
    Which kept melting all the fears away
    Fears which lifted me up in the sky
    Threw me down as I cripple deep into thoughts
    Surrounded by walls that are stopping me
    I reach out, crumbling in tiny space I got
    I shout for help as the tears stream down
    Leaving as if they are ashamed of me
    Smashing the door forcing gush of air
    Looks like those arrows in a battle field
    I walk on the street with my wounded body
    Ceasing the anger raging inside me
    Anger that no one could see
    Anger which only eats up the skin, that develops nothing but a sense of helplessness

    ©archangel24 & deatheater11