• oneloverose 24w

    So many things running threw my mind can't seem to find the right words to say! My emotions running high trying to catch my breath! I see my life passing me by, if I could just grasp on to it hold on tight don't let go I hear a voice slowly whispering to me. Can't hold on 'Please God Help Me' I need u right now. Show me how to get a grip on life, on me, on love, on something that's meaningful something worth fighting for. Help me find my way back to the light back to my happiness. Take me out of this misery this dark place the shadows within the walls give me the strength to over come my pain, my sorrow, my unhappiness. My heart is shattering into million pieces I'm trying to mend my broken wounds make it whole again. My heart is the one thing in this darkness of mine that I can actually call mine forever. Don't take that away from me. It's My Heart.

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